Pledge Support

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When I requested information from the Federal Election Commission about running for President, I received a letter as an introduction to the more than 950 pages of bureaucratese. That letter read in part:

"When organizing your campaign committee, keep in mind that each political committee must have a treasurer who will be responsible for the committee's compliance with the election law (U.S.C. Title 2) and the regulations prescribed by the Federal Election Commission (11 CFR). This means that in the event that the Commission brings an enforcement action against your committee, absent unusual circumstances, the treasurer will be named as a respondent along with the committee. Moreover, he or she may be held personally liable if a violation of law occurs and the committee is unable to pay the required penalty."

I will not recruit a treasurer until I have enough resources (in both money and knowledge) to protect the treasurer. The FEC sent me more than 950 pages of rules, regulations, and bureaucrat non-sense, which is a formidable danger to any treasurer's liberty and property.

I cannot help but to say that we do not have free and fair elections. Democrat and Republican politicians have made the rules and they have stacked the deck in their favor and against us. This makes me want to pull the one hair from the top of my head!

I will not take any donations of money for my Presidential Campaign until I can recruit a treasurer. What I will do is take pledges so that I will be ready when I can recruit a treasurer.

Please, make a pledge today at the address or phone number at the right of this page. Or make a donation to the National Libertarian Party which will also promote my candidacy — and doesn't trigger FEC bureaucratic nonsense. Click here.